Partium International Management Conference

The Department of Economics of the Partium Christian University organizes the Partium International Management Conference on 2-3 September 2019.

The co-organizing higher education institution is the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Debrecen and the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch – Commission for studying marketing issues, the supporting international professional organization of the conference is the Agri MBA (International Network for the MBA Agribusiness and Commerce).

The mission of the conference is to create an international scientific environment for the stakeholders involved in research, education and innovation fostering a constructive strategic dialogue. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen partnerships between research communities and dissemination of the research results for serving economic growth and sustainable development.

The planned sessions of the conference reflect, from the perspective of management and leadership, the most important areas of knowledge and technology achievements. The importance of the theme is supported by the prestigious international organizational context of the two-day event and the invited keynote speakers from the United States, the Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. The Pearson Publishing House and Partium Press will also present their latest publications in the Partium Christian University Main Hall.

The conference program, participation conditions, as well as the most important deadlines can be found on the links below: